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Aleigha Butler, The Purpose Midwife AKA Ms. On Fire To Inspire is the founder of On Fire To Live LLC.


Aleigha is a mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivator, radio show host, consultant, empowerment coach and an author with multiple books and recently released her first coloring book, "I Am Inspirational Adult Coloring Book" available on Amazon (IAmColoring),, and


About 5 years ago, Aleigha decided she was going to live a life of purpose and since then she has been inspiring people across the nation.  

Because she inspires everyone that she comes in contact with, Aleigha is most recognized by the name, “Ms. On Fire To Inspire”. She also calls herself a "Purpose Midwife" by saying “I don’t birth babies, I birth purpose.”

Aleigha educates children through her bilingual learning tool, A Learning Book Just For Me, which is a brightly colored book that teaches fundamental English & Spanish.

She also wrote and published, On Fire To Inspire, a divinely inspired book of inspiration and motivation that helps people "move from existing to living."  


Aleigha has had the honor of being a part of the Media Group at the 2015-2018 Dove Awards for gospel music in Nashville, TN.  


Her goal is to help others see the greatness that is on the inside of themselves and live out their dreams.  "My desire is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself!," exclaims Butler.

On Fire To Inspire shows air on Tuesdays at 8pm EST via Livestream at


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